Kristian Skrede Gleditsch
In Essex


  Paper archive for the Political Methodology Section of the American Political Science Association
  Electronic archive for papers in economics
  See arXiv for working papers in natural science


   Data distribution sites

  I maintain a Polity Data Archive, data courtesy of Ted R. Gurr
  Uppsala/PRIO Armed Conflict data
  International Crisis Behavior Data Archive at the University of Maryland, courtesy of Jonathan Wilkenfeld
  The Peace Science Society Page provides access to much of the Correlates of War data

  Download the free postscript viewer GSVIEW for Windows, MS-Dos, Unix, VMS or OS/2
  Get a copy of the Acrobat reader from Adobe
  Clive Loader's LOCFIT package implements several useful additional functions for localized regression in S-plus
  BUGS (Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling) is a free package for estimating complex statistical models using Markov chain Monte Carlo methods
  The free programming language Perl is a gem for the lazy and dysfunctional programmer
  Download font installers from Mathtype

  Globalization and Democracy Program at the University of Colorado and the associated Spatial and Temporal Diffusion of Democracy Project
  International Studies Association
  Peace Science Society (International)
  Alan Sokal's archive of Papers on the social text affair
  Statistics Norway has a neat web site in English
  Maps are an underused form of communicating information, see Dennis Ward's Stellar Cartography blog

  Ellen Gleditsch page at the UCLA "Women in Physics" site and another biography at the Journal of Chemical Education
  Gary King, director of the Harvard-MIT Data Center
  My cousin Eva Koch has an online presentation of her art
  Former students with homepages include Kyle Beardsley, Tobias Böhmelt, Cullen Hendrix, Idean Salehyan, , and Andrea Ruggeri
  A 1966 interview makes worth a visit

  The random Postmodernism Generator will generate a meaningless paper, complete with references to Lyotard, Derrida, and Lacan
  The historic Midnight User's Group homepage


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