Kristian Skrede Gleditsch
Kristian, UCSD, Jan. 2005


  The developmental dynamics of terrorist organizations (with Aaron Clauset), July 2011, arXiv:0906.3287v2 [physics.soc-ph])
  The Ties that Bias: Specifying and Operationalizing Components of Dyadic Dependence (with Erik Gartzke, May 2008, PDF version)
  Scale Invariance in the Severity of Terrorism (with Aaron Clauset and Maxwell Young, August 2006, available at arXiv)
  Autocratic Transitions and Democratization (with Jinhee L. Choung, July 2004, PDF version)


I have previously provided copies of articles online. However, many journals consider this to be an infringment of their copyright rights, and are increasingly concerned about enforcing these. As a result, I will no longer provide access on this page to any papers that either have been published or have been accepted for publication.

If you are affiliated with an academic institution that subscribes to the particular journal you may be able to download an electronic copy through an electronic access providers. The most common access providers include Ingenta, EBSCO, or Nesli (in the UK). Contact your local librarian to find out if your institution subscribes to any of these.

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